You are neither available nor close to maintain your second home. We offer our services for:

Garden and green spaces maintenance:

Some works are done by us such as:

  • watering the garden
  • mowing the lawn

Other  works such as pruning requires the intervention of a professional

Apartment and villa maintenance:

  • paintworks
  • heating and air conditioning
  • swimming pool start-up and maintenance
  • repairs


We provide routine maintenance and call in professionals for heavier and more delicate works.

For all works done by external service providers, we ensure:

  • making contact with companies
  • quote request
  • surveys of work performed
  • End of work report with photos

Finally we also offer, if you wish, an:

Administrative assistance

  • Mail pick up and forwarding
  • Measurement of gas , electricity, water meters
  • Control of gas, fuel, firewood
  • Administrative procedures and mails



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